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Also, An Insect Eating Plant Cures Cancer, Lyme Disease, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue, Malaria & Many Other Diseases

What if I told you that a plant that captivated your interest as a child is a world-class healer? And what if I told you this plant could heal cancer, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, and a multitude of other illnesses?

I know, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. BUT NOT IN THIS CASE! This product has now been used for many years and we have seen how it works. Dr. Dan Kenner of California also has personal and observational experience of its power and he says it “staggers the imagination.”

Can you imagine a plant extract that could provide you with an oral means to get a result similar to the expensive (IV) oxidation therapy I so often talk about in these pages?

The amazing thing is, you probably played with this unique plant as a child. I sure did. I marveled at the amazing properties of Venus’s-flytrap as a kid, watching for hours as it baited insects and, unlike any other plant, caught and digested them for its food. “How on earth does a plant do that?” I wondered.

In the 1970s, German physician Helmut Keller was looking for alternatives to the toxic chemicals produced by the drug companies. He also marveled at Venus’s-flytrap and its ability to digest protein (insects) without harming itself and without a digestive system.

You know plants need nitrogen. But Venus’s-flytrap lives in nitrogen-poor soils. It must get all its nitrogen from the insects it captures. And without a digestive system, it totally dissolves its prey! How? Dr. Keller believes that the compounds in Venus’s-flytrap work on primitive and unshielded protein, such as those found in insects and microorganisms.

Well, cancer is also a primitive cell with lots of irregular protein. And infected cells actually leak protein. Could Venus’s-flytrap also be a miracle for a wide variety of disorders?

Dr. Keller found that Venus’s-flytrap juices digest a wide variety of primitive animal proteins (in insects) and malignant cells! Normal cells of higher organisms were left unscathed, due to the tight bundling of their more evolved proteins. In Germany, he shed light on some key attributes of Venus’s-flytrap that make it an awesome disease fighter.

Dr. Keller believes the key compounds are droserone (D), plumbagin (P), and hydroplumbagin, also found in other carnivorous plants. These remarkable and hard-to- make compounds are powerful oxidation catalysts, not dissimilar to the famous Koch catalysts. In the 1930s, Dr. William F. Koch was using catalysts to speed oxidation in cells. He cured many dreaded diseases. His successes created political problems forcing him to emigrate to Brazil to continue his work.

D and P modulate the immune system. That is, they lift a weakened immune system, or stimulate a proper balance of activation and suppression. Too little of the former can lead to cancer and infection. Too little of the latter can lead to “autoimmune” disease. D and P also increase natural killer counts and function, essential in the defense against chronic disease. These oxidation catalysts are quite possibly able to induce many of the effects of intravenous and more expensive oxidation therapies in your body.

Quercetin is one of the premier bioflavonoid-free radical scavengers. It has enormous properties in modulating allergy by stabilizing mast cells loaded with histamine. Otherwise, they could dump it into your system with little provocation, resulting in a whole host of allergic symptoms. Quercetin is a first-class heart muscle and circulation protector, a natural chelator (like most other bioflavonoids), and is an outstanding protector of liver function. Quercetin is not completely absorbed when it’s taken orally. Its presence in Venus’s-flytrap could increase its power since Venus’s-flytrap can be used by injection. Myricetin, a bioflavonoid similar in properties to quercetin, is also found in Venus’s-flytrap.

Venus’s-flytrap juice provides ample amounts of antioxidants, plus arginine, threonine, and other amino acids essential in detoxification, immune system stimulation and regulation,
metabolism, liver function, collagen (your connective tissue) maintenance, and more. Proteolytic enzymes, powerful modulators of inflammation, are able to break down aberrant protein and are also present in Venus’s-flytrap.

Today, Venus Flytrap Extract is marketed on this website. I began using it in Alaska to treat cancer. Dr. Morton Walker, a medical journalist had detailed amazing cures of life-threatening diseases with Venus Flytrap Extract from firsthand interviews and travels to Dr. Keller’s clinic. Dr. Walker estimated at least a 45 percent significant response rate to cancer with Venus Flytrap Extract alone. Dr. Keller said the results are much higher with integrated approaches.

I had one patient, Jeff, a beloved retired Anchorage fire chief, who came to me with late-stage terminal disease. His physicians estimated a six-week life span. He was fortunately able to acquire intravenous Venus Flytrap Extract from Germany. Jeff lived a full life for his remaining nine months, traveling across Alaska and fishing, even up to the end. His wife was most grateful for the quality of life that Venus Flytrap Extract extended him.

Second Opinion reader Brian Lecompte, MD consulted with me on the use of artemisinin for his 81-year-old mother-in-law with newly diagnosed inoperable lung cancer. I suggested a dose. He added tincture of Venus Flytrap and administered it to her by nebulizer (inhaled). Within a few months, the tumor shrank to a scar, never returned, and her astounded oncologist pronounced her cancer free!

Now the exciting thing about Venus Flytrap Extract for most people is not just cancer but what it can do for very stubborn situations such as chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, parasites, and inflammatory bowel conditions.

Take the case of internationally known healer Theresa Dale, ND, PhD (www.wellnesscenter.net). “I had a typical case of severe parasites (confirmed Blastocystis and Giardia): bloating, loose stools, much fatigue, and even skin breakouts around my colon area. I could feel pockets in my colon. Venus Flytrap Extract was a Godsend for me. I noticed a difference immediately. I took it for eight weeks three to four times per week. I recovered completely with Venus Flytrap Extract alone and confirmed myself free of parasites. I will admit I was prepared for this healing because I had already detoxed myself. I have used Venus Flytrap Extract on several other confirmed cases all with the same results.”

Dr. Dale recommended three capsules, three times daily in addition to the Venus Flytrap tincture, one bottle for about two weeks. Folks, parasites can be a very difficult condition to successfully treat. This story is particularly impressive. Just one substance proved successful where several other products, including drugs, might be employed for the condition.

Dr. Keller states that promising therapeutic results have been obtained in the treatment of: adult malignant tumors, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis arthropathica, immune deficiency diseases (AIDS), chronic fatigue syndrome, certain autoimmune disorders, influenza, the common cold, and herpes infection. Dr. Kenner emphasized the latter with a stunning story:

A woman, aged 46, with a three-year history of a continuous and painful herpetic lesion was seen for treatment. She was given an intramuscular injection. In 12 hours, the lesion of three years was gone. Kenner was astounded. Continuing intermittent outbreaks in different locations dwindled over time with oral treatment and occasional shots. Still in communication with Dr. Kenner, she has been free of herpes symptoms for three years now.

Dr. Ron Schmid (www.drrons.com), of Watertown, Conn., visited Keller in the early ’90s. He also was most impressed with Dr. Keller’s cancer and AIDS cases. Shortly after, Venus Flytrap Extract became available in the U.S. in drop and capsule form. Dr. Schmid reports several cases of breast and prostate cancer (PSA ranging from 10-60) who have experienced no disease progression on a regimen over two years on natural therapies and oral Venus Flytrap Extract.

But Dr. Schmid proved to be a dramatic case himself. He contracted Lyme disease (proven with standard testing), which brought his robust and athletic body to its knees, with fatigue and “horrible” shooting pains, headache, and intermittent fevers. Diet (raw foods) and herbs helped significantly, but when he added Venus Flytrap Extract , the rest of the disease symptoms virtually disappeared promptly. He is milking cows and running again. His ESR, a measure of inflammation, dropped from a very high 60 to normal, meaning his inflammation was gone. Low-grade infection is still likely present, with mild symptoms occurring only every few months, which he promptly fixes with Venus Flytrap Extract at the time of symptoms. His self-prescription was two capsules, three times daily and 20 drops of tincture sublingually, with one drop of DMSO under the tongue six to eight times daily.

Another naturopathic doctor (ND) in Minnesota, (name withheld by request) was bitten by a tick and developed a bull’s eye rash after seven days. He took Venus Flytrap Extract (10 capsules daily). The rash was gone in one-and-a-half days and he never went on to develop further Lyme problems. He continued treatment for a month.

This same doctor relates an even more stunning case. A married couple raising llamas on their 40 acres were both bitten by ticks in a highly infested Lyme area. The husband tested positive for Lyme and received antibiotics and his rash disappeared. His wife had no rash and did not test positive, so her physician refused antibiotics even though she went downhill fast. Within three months, she had severe spinal pain and could barely walk. The ND treated her with Venus Flytrap tincture. She recovered sufficiently to return to her medical doctor requesting another Lyme test. It was positive for the Bannwarth variety of Lyme, the most serious form that can quickly unravel your nervous system with symptoms ranging from horrible neurological pain, to ALS symptoms, to schizophrenia. Her MD then prescribed antibiotics. She didn’t reveal the Venus Flytrap Extract therapy to protect the ND.

The wife made a full recovery to the astonishment of her MD, who confided to her that he also had Bannwarth’s syndrome. He was confused why she should make a full recovery and he was still ill while he used the same antibiotic treatment on both. The only difference in treatment was the Venus Flytrap Extract! The ND reports 100 percent success in his Lyme clients using Venus Flytrap Extract when they test well for it by bioresonance testing.

Dr. Dan Kenner, LAc of Forestville, California is an expert on botanical medicine, confirmed by his book: Botanical Medicine: a European Professional Perspective. Hearing about Venus Flytrap Extract, he traveled to Keller’s German clinic in 1990. He, too, observed amazing cancer results. One woman in her late 50s was cured of breast cancer, and is still cancer free to this day! “She is now the picture of health and got the message to detox.”

Dr. Kenner’s own experience is with infection. “I had a woman who had vaginal trichomonas (a parasite) continuously for months. It failed every conventional and herbal treatment given. My jaw dropped at the result. I gave her only the oral liquid extract and within three days it totally cleared up. The product did miracles for my female patients. It cleared other common vaginal infections very quickly and became my number one treatment for vaginosis (vaginal infections). Considering the miracles it did for already formed cancer, I experimented with it topically (intravaginally) on precancerous cervical lesions; I thought it might reverse them. In fact, it reduced the grade (severity) of the dysplasia in every case!

“I recommend one to two capsules daily for travel in the tropics. None of my clients has ever become ill. It is the widest spectrum antimicrobial, and one of the most versatile botanical substances I've ever seen. In the case of viruses and protozoa, it is the most powerful. A 45-year-old man had high titers of CMV and EBV (viral infection) and massive brain fog. His viral titers shot down to almost nothing three days after oral Venus Flytrap Extract was administered. In bacterial infections, it’s synergistic with antibiotics. Dr. Keller found that Venus Flytrap Extract killed Lyme disease and even malaria parasites.”

Folks, a plant juice that digests everything from insects and cancers to parasites and Lyme, is an extremely powerful tool for a variety of the most terrible scourges affecting mankind today. I have heard of no toxic effects, although anyone can be allergic to anything. I’ve already reviewed how stealth infections, especially Lyme, can be behind over 300 different “maladies” encompassing almost any neurological, psychological, immune or fatigue syndrome. Samento, which I told you about in December, is a great start, but the more natural weapons in our arsenal, the better!

For Lyme disease many physicians recommend the use of sublingual drops:­ 20 drops of Venus Flytrap Extract six to eight times daily with one drop of DMSO to enhance absorption, and a little purified water to ease the bitter taste. Hold these under the tongue a few minutes before swallowing. I have not heard of any significant or unpleasant “die off” reactions, which are so prevalent with antibiotics. That’s a great encouragement.

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A Simple Treatment Now Reverses Alzheimers, Parkinson's Disease and Stroke

In the July issue, I told you about a fantastic way to heal your body of disease. The treatment was very simple. All it involved was shining a red light up your nose. It sounded crazy to me too until I read the reports. These reports showed that shining this simple red light up your nose could help with a number of conditions, including stroke, Alzheimer's, depression, ulcers, and more.

At the end of that article, I mentioned that this red light had a big sister "another red LED light, but this one is near infrared red (NIR). And this device might be one of the most effective treatments available for treating severe neurological illnesses. What's more, it's probably the most economical!

This NIR nasal light just recently emerged from development. It looks the same as the light I told you about in July. But there's a big difference. Instead of emitting 633 nm red light, you can't see the light emitted by the sister device. Its LED emits invisible infrared light at 810 nm. Infrared wavelengths penetrate far deeper. They'll easily reach your brain from your nasal cavity. While the red light (633 nm) has a longer record for vascular conditions, this new version (810 nm), which also pulses at 10 Hz, will more likely be of greater help for neurological conditions.

That means this NIR nasal light might be able to treat Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and a host of other brain conditions. The promise sounds fantastic. But, of course, I needed to know if it could hold up under scrutiny. Does this NIR light actually work?

It certainly did for Henry. He had quadruple bypass surgery when he was 73. Five years later, he started to show noticeable signs of dementia. By the age of 83, he was suffering with severe Alzheimer's disease. Not only was he forgetful, he became confused and aggressive. The aggression was very difficult for the family to deal with.

After a month of using the unit, Henry's aggressive behavior had subsided. What's more he began sending his daughter email again. That was a shocker. He hadn't used the computer in years. Then the emails became lengthier and he started asking computer questions again. The family also noticed his voice became stronger and livelier.

Then the light began to help his vision. His eyes started to lose that dull cloudy look and began to focus again. But that's not the most surprising thing that happened. He started having conversations in English with his family again. His first language was Dutch and he had reverted to speaking only Dutch a few years prior. But the NIR nasal light brought his cognitive function far enough along that he was able to use English again. That requires significant cognitive function, so it's a fantastic indicator of clearer thinking.

Henry's story really got me excited about the Vielight NIR nasal light. An Australian has also reported significant improvement in his father-in-law's Alzheimer's condition shortly after using the NIR nasal light. Cases are growing, and we expect to hear more. There are studies to prove it has a far broader application. I shared one of those studies in July. In that study researchers found that the melatonin levels and mental test scores all improved with the nasal laser. 

One of the more interesting studies I've read on low- level red light and Alzheimer's actually had the device added to supplemental treatment to increase the results. Researchers have known for some time that low-level red laser light can make some drugs more effective. For instance, Andrei Sommer at the University of Ulm in Germany, and his colleagues use low-level red laser light to push chemotherapy drugs into cancer cells. The laser light pushes water out of the cells. When the researchers turn the laser off, the cells "suck in" water. But they don't just suck in water. They also suck in any other molecules along with the water. If the drug chemicals are present in the water, the cells will suck in the drugs, which is lethal for the cancer cells.

But Sommer's team has found that this technique doesn't just work with drugs. And it doesn't just work for cancer. His team also found that this technique can destroy the beta-amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's. These plaques are what disrupt the communication between nerve cells, causing memory loss and other problems.

The team also knew that green tea extract can inhibit these plaques. So they wanted to know if using green tea extract with the low-level red laser light would make them both work better. The answer was a resounding YES! The dual technique reduced the beta-amyloid cells by a whopping 60%. Using the laser light by itself reduced the plaque cells by only 20%.This study did not use the NIR nasal light from Vielight, which allows the laser to get even closer to the brain. So I suspect the results using the Vielight laser will be even better since it can penetrate the brain even further.

What's more, the researchers administered the green tea extract orally. That means you can do this treatment in the comfort of your own home using Green Tea Extract from Advanced Bionutritionals (800-791-3395) and the Vielight.

But what about Parkinson's? Again, I think the Vielight could help Parkinson's patients lower their medication dosages and get even better results. We don't have studies on this yet. But hopefully researchers will begin to connect the dots and do this research.

We do have ample research on the Vielight alone and its ability to fight Parkinson's. I shared one of those studies in the July issue. But there are a lot more. In 1998, researchers from China treated 43 patients with Parkinson's disease with intranasal low-level laser therapy. They treated them for 30 minutes each day for 10 days. They found that their serum 3 cholecystokinin-octapeptide (which high levels can harm your cognitive ability) decreased to normal levels. And the mental test scores of 26 of the 43 patients saw significant improvement.

Another Chinese study, conducted in 2003, was even more impressive. In this study, the researchers treated 36 patients with Parkinson's using intranasal low level laser therapy. Again, they treated the patients for 30 minutes per day for 10 days. They found improvements in Parkinson's symptoms in 31 of the patients. That's an incredible 89.1% who showed improvement. Of these, 10 (27.8%) of them were significant and 21 (58.35%) mild.

As powerful as the low level laser light is for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, there's even more research on how well it can treat stroke victims. I shared one of the studies in the July issue, but again, there's far more. One study from China showed improvement in 89.7% of the cases. And 50% of these improvements were significant.

Another Chinese study treated 50 patients with cerebral infarction or traumatic brain injury with intranasal laser therapy. After just 10 days, the patients Fugl Meyer movement scale and Barthel index scores were significantly increased. What's more, it also reduced the brain damaged area.

And finally, another study confirms what I said earlier about using the red low-level laser light in conjunction with drugs or supplements. In this study, the researchers randomly divided stroke patients into two groups. One group of 30 patients took only drugs. The second group of 32 patients took the drugs and also used low-level laser intranasal light therapy. The group with the intranasal device saw significantly greater improvement than the drugs-only group.

The research behind the intranasal light is growing rapidly. You can see that it can help brain function significantly, whether you have Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or have suffered a stroke. But the uses are limitless. Research shows the new intranasal light can treat allergies, migraines and headaches, insomnia, acne and those simple "Senior moments" of mild cognitive decline.

Henry's daughter, who reported his incredible turnaround, tried the laser light on herself. She said, "I have not slept through the night for years. It is great falling asleep and not waking up till morning. I guess that is why I have more energy and a general feeling of well-being.... My girlfriend Cassandra's acne disappeared after a month. My girlfriend's mother, Vera, is also sleeping through the night. Vera is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and was constantly asking the same questions. After about one to two months, she still asks the same questions, but then answers herself saying "Oh, I already asked this." Something is starting to happen there.

"My husband got completely stuffed up with allergies and had a throbbing headache. I gave him the light and within five minutes he was not stuffed up and his headache disappeared. It came back later in the day, but only slightly. My aunt has terrible sinus problems and it has cleared completely."

As you can see, the light doesn't work overnight in all cases. Sometimes it takes a month or two (or more). But there are no negative side effects whatsoeverl. So you can use it for as many months as you want. Use it for 25 minutes a day and see how it works. In severe cases, you can use it up to two times a day for 25 minutes each session. But be patient. It takes time. You will notice a positive difference. And try using it with your natural supplements, it might make them even more effective.If you're using drugs to treat your conditions, make sure you tell your doctor about the nasal light. He may need to adjust your dosage downward.

Dou, Z., X. Hu, and H. Zhu. 2003. The effects of two kinds of laser irradiation on patients with brain lesion. Chin J Phys Med Rehabil. 25(2): 86-88 (in Chinese).


Jin, L. and B. Shi. "Compared research of laser irradiation on blood to erythrocyte deformability and P3PL ingredient of patients with acute cerebral infarction." Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 16( 3) :152-153 (in Chinese), 2001.
Li, Q., L. Song, K. Guo, Y. Yu, S. Ma and L. Shen. "The effect of endonasal low energy He-Ne laser treatment of Parkinson's disease on CCK-8 content in blood." Chin J Neurol. 32(6): 364 (in Chinese), 1999.

Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, DOI: 10.1089/pho.2011.3073

Qiao, Y., J. Sun, F. Jia and G. Cheng. "Clinical Application Research of Low Power Laser Rhinal Irradiation." Applied Laser, 24(1): 64-65 (in Chinese), 2004.

Xu, C., C. Lu, L. Wang and Q. Li. "The effects of endonasal low energy He-Ne laser therapy on antioxydation of Parkinson's disease." Prac J Med & Pharm. 20(11): 816-817 (in Chinese), 2003.

Zhao, G., K. Guo and J. Dan. "36 case analysis of Parkinson's disease treated by endonasal low energy He-Ne laser." Acta Academiae medicinae Qingdao Universitatis. 39: 398 (in Chinese). 2003. 


The latest model, 810 Infrared, is specifically designed to benefit the brain.


What is Intranasal Light Therapy? 

Intranasal Light Therapy is a way to stimulate the body to re-establish its natural internal balance (or homeostasis). During this process, the wellness of the body is expected to improve, including reports of elevated energy levels and wellness of body and mind.

The nasal cavity has been found to be a highly convenient and effective way to deliver this effect. Until the invention of the Vielight devices, for a long time, advocates did not think it was possible to achieve this through the nasal cavity.

The Vielight products have been designed with parameters to deliver the discoveries that have been associated with "blood irradiation". Regular use of the products may improve the quality of life of the user.

See Vielight video: www.youtube.com/watch 

More Vital Info: blog.mediclights.com

To order a Vielight (810 nm) intranasal red laser light, please do so via the purchase link below.We have a six month 80% money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. The price is $499, but the equipment will last you many years without additional cost & you'll fight off many illnesses along the way. It may be the most economical health treatment you ever experience. You also receive a $3000 Guaranteed Savings Certificate for Grocery Purchases & Dining Out for each unit ordered.

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633_full 655-300 810-full
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  633 Red (Qi-Light) 655 Prime (RadiantLife)
810 Infrared
Price $299 $399 $499
Light source LED Low level laser LED
Wavelength 633 nm 655 nm 810 nm
Color Red Deep red Invisible
Pulse mode Continuous Continuous Pulsed at 10 Hz
Battery life 2 months 3 months 2.5 months
Safety issues None Very small None
Research studies Few Many Few
Therapeutic objectives General wellness General wellness Directs more therapeutic lights to the brain.


Recommended Usage:
Use daily in the evening (auto-timed for 25 minutes and hands-free) to maintain good health. However, users are encouraged to experiment to determine the routine that gives the best result for his/her mind and body. Users should not compensate missed daily treatments by doing more treatments in a day.

Use maximum of twice daily (with at least 6 hour break) in a health event.

Built to withstand drop tests and normal use; diode has a specified life of 30,000 hours. 
Known to survive the weight of a truck.

Additional Intranasal Applicators

633 Red (Qi-Light)
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Intranasal Applicator:
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